Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween Cookie decorating Mutal

Okay girls, this Wednesday 7 p.m. meet at the church we are practicing our song and then going over to Sister Willis's home for the cookies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank you for the participation in yesterday's lesson! I enjoyed teaching you lovely ladies for the first time.
"We are particularly proud of our youth. I think we have never had a stronger generation of young men and women than we have today. For the most part they are true to the faith of their forebears. Surrounded by forces that would pull them down and tremendous pressures to pull them away from time-tested virtues, they are going forward with constructive lives, nurturing themselves both intellectually and spiritually. We have no fears or doubts concerning the future of this work."
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Remember, you are special!
love, Sister Willis

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bridget Scoggin

So Bridget was so excited to do some of her Personal Progress this weekend she willingly came out to the farm with us and helped us prepare the land for a garden. This thing is huge it 60x60 with 3,200 Square feet. She is working on her 10 hour project of planting a garden. SO GO girl. Anyone else interested in helping and reaping the rewards of acomplishing goals and getting some veggies out of it let me know! Thanks Bridget for all your hard work, we made 6 rows tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girls this is what we have to deal with in the world.

Caught My Attention...

A Real News Story that caught my attention:
No Takers for Contest that Requires Abstinence
A contest that would pay $10,000 to an engaged couple, as long as they abstain from premarital sex, hasn't gotten any takers. The deadline for the Marriage for a Lifetime contest is Oct. 31. The prize includes free wedding flowers, invitations, and other wedding treats.
So far, organizer Phillipia Faust hasn't gotten any entries.
She said, "In our society, it's going to be hard to find" a couple that hasn't had premarital sex.
Faust has organized and carried out various pro-marriage activities through her Marriage Appreciation Training- Uplifting Relationship Education Program, a non-profit that isn't church-affiliated.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Softball 2008. Great memories and we did great!

A HUGE thanks to my fabulous leaders who stepped up and ran with the last few weeks of softball. Thanks for making it fun and getting to know the girls, and for being great leaders. I appreciate all you do! Jess.

Softball 2008~ We one 2 out of 3!

This was our girls end cheer for the Aspen ward. We beat them 20-4. They needed a cheer!
Our cute girls in Verde.

Brad Olsen was such a great sport. He was our priesthood holder.... (man that was their to help in case someone died... or was hurt.... or anything else)!
Maddi on her way out to the field!

Softball 2008~ We one 2 out of 3!

The last few weeks have been our stakes softball leagues for mutal. We had alot of fun and the girls were actually pretty good. The weather has cooled down and it was fun to be out playing other wards and seeing some of our good friends.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lesson for Sunday October 19th.

This past Sunday for those who were not there was a really great lesson. Emily Stapley gave a great talk on the confernce talk from Elder Oaks on choosing from the Good, better and Best options in our lives. We all know that time in our lives is short but as we center our lives on something that is the best then we can better be used as an instrument in Gods hands. Thank you Emily for teaching by the spirit and being an awsome public speaker!

Halloween, cookie decorating mutal Wednesday the 29th

Okay girls, for our next mutal night we are decorating fall cookies at Laurens home and it will be alot of fun. Come for some sweet treats and great times. We will meet at the church 7 p.m and then go to Sister Willis's home. Hope to see you there!.

Mutal for October 21st

Okay girls, one more night of Softball... same ole routine we will be meeting at the church Tuesday nightat 7 and then cruisin over to the Interstake center. After we will have yummys. Hopefully George will be their to be our manly coach. whoo hoo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The importance of Family NIght... and mutal!

I shall never forget the family home evening, years ago, in which the name of each member of our family was placed in a hat. The name you picked from the hat would be your “secret friend” for the week. You can imagine the love that filled my heart when I came home that Tuesday after work to sweep out the garage, as I had earlier promised, and found it cleanly swept. There was a note attached to the garage door which read, “Hope you had a good day—your secret friend.” And on Friday night, as I turned down my bed, I uncovered an Almond Joy, my favorite candy bar, wrapped carefully in scotch tape and plain white paper, with a note: “Dad, I love you a lot! Thanks, your secret friend.” Then to top it off, after returning home from a late meeting Sunday evening, I found the dining room table beautifully set, and written on the napkin by my place were the words “SUPER DAD” in big bold letters and in parentheses, “your secret friend.” Hold your family home evenings, for this is where the gospel is taught, a testimony gained, and the family fortified.
W. Douglas Shumway

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Game Two... Well we can't win everything!

Girls, if our ward won at everything we did some may think us perfect. Its okay to loose and its okay to have the opportunity to win next week. I am glad all is great and I will be meeting with each of you this week! Love you all. Jess Olsen

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tuesday night- Game 2

Girls, Whoo hoo! Great playing this past Softball activity. Way to beat Sunny Mesa. This Tuesday will be the same thing. Meet at the church at 7p.m and dont forget to have your gloves and dress modest. Water is always a great idea. I hope that your weeks have all been great. Sister Olsen